Celebrating its 9th Anniversary with a bang and with an offer of a special discount for all holiday guests planning to visit Bali, Indonesia.

The holiday villas of BaliVillaRent.com are known for offering only the best quality services at the highest standard. To celebrate their 9th anniversary in the business, guests now have the chance to visit one of the most glorious holiday attractions in the world, less the original price.

The founder of Bali Villa Rent, Robert says that when inquiring about booking a Rental, they take their time to ensure that you will get the best holiday accommodation available.

BaliVillaRent.com launched in the year 2003 and since then, they have managed to maintain their excellent, quality services. Not only do their customers get to choose what kind of villa they need, they are also treated with a pick-up at the airport and expert advice when planning activities and where the best quality restaurants are.

Robert guarantees that on their 9th anniversary celebration, only the price has lessened but not the quality of service. During the peak season, the demand of accommodations is at an all-time high. BaliVillaRent.com can always provide villas as requested by the customer but to avoid possible Gorgeous Bali Balangandisappointments, it is better to book in advance.

Guests can find a variety of homes to choose from, simply by visiting www.balivillarent.com. There are more villas that guests can choose from aside from those presented on the website. They can find out more by contacting them by phone and possibly find better deals and more. When it comes to size, style, location and variety of choices, they are the frontrunner in the holiday accommodation market.

The hospitality of Bali as a tourist destination and the excellent services of their team, practically guarantees that customers will come back again to avail of their services. The dedication put into making sure that customers get a true holiday experience, is also a contributing factor to return visitors.

For many years, the island destination has been dubbed a favourite getaway worldwide.Here you can find adventure, rich culture, history, traditions, believes and water sports.They do not lack majestic animals, high-end restaurants beaches and more.

Studies have shown that there are many reputable holiday arrangers on the island, but many agencies prioritize profit over quality of service and as soon as they are paid, they leave their guests hanging. For the past 9 years, BaliVillaRent.com has built and maintained their reputation by offering only the best vacation homes and providing their guests expert advice on how to make their holiday, an experience they will never forget.

Hope to see you soon in Bali.