Luxury villa propertyA recent study on the real estate deals in and around Bali shows a sharp increase in land & property purchases. Today we will take a look at the rising trend and why it would be wise to invest now, so please read on and be well informed.

Known to be an island of Gods, Bali attracts investors for properties from across all corners of the world. With a beautiful landscape to her name, the island has been on every travelers mind at some point of time, needless to say on an investors mind as well. There are plenty of hotels for all budgets and even villas, the latter being preferred the most by almost all travelers and investors.

The prices for villa homes in Bali is equal or maybe higher than what hotels can offer, but you are assured of your own privacy, your own cooking space, pools, butlers and views. You could rent or buy villas all across the island with villas in Seminyak being the most expensive. Again this would depend on which parts of Bali you would like to set foot and stay in. if you are looking at the beach or the shores, you better have a large amount to shell out, because prices can go above $750,000 for a well groomed landscaped rental with all comforts and living styles included.

Plenty of land along Seminyak is now being reclaimed and converted into resorts and villas for tourists and for investment purposes. Over the recent past the Seminyak area has witnessed a boom with a lot of foreigners, especially expats from Australia, settling along the lines. For investment purposes, one can choose to have a villa which is completely furnished with all modern day luxuries or even have one of the better real estate agents help you build your cozy nest along the shores of Ubud or in the tranquil arms of Canggu.

You can also find affordable places to live at Nusa Dua or even Legian and Sanur areas as well. The prices of real estate across Bali mostly depend on 3 main factors:

1. Proximity to the main town and roads.

2. Location, location, location

3. And finally, interesting attractions of the area you choose to live in or buy property in.

Always check well for more information through local agents such as Bali land property because they would be best at advising you the better locations and choices. It's wise to invest now for prices have started shooting sky high and you never know when they become truly unaffordable.